Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Melucukan Sidang Parlimen

Pakatan MPs opposed AES strongly during the committee stage debate on allocation to Transport Ministry at Parliament today. We demanded for division voting (belah bahagi) on allocation to the ministry, after minister Kong Cho Ha finished his winding up speech.

BN chaps anticipated our demand for division voting which means individual MP's votes are recorded and many of the BN MPs, including a few
ministers, turned up at the chamber to support Kong.

I rushed from Selangor state assembly sitting to Parliament to register my stand.

While we are waiting for votes to be counted, many of us took photos with mobile phones.

Cowboy minister Nazri called my name to get my attention from across the Chamber while we were waiting for vote counting. He showed double thumbs up for me to take his photo. He's very proud of himself and shiok sendiri :-)

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